Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s are once in a lifetime events that should be Unforgettable and Unique!

We offer exclusives you can’t find anywhere else. For example: the ability to customize over 2000 sq feet of walls with any theme you choose no matter if it’s huge 2, 4 or 6 foot pictures of our guest of honor, comic book characters, sports teams, 3D Space or even 3D Haunted House themes with 3D glasses for all our guests.  We can create amazing and unique themes like our 3D Glow, which is a Black Lit environment in every party and dinning area.  This utilizes 3D glowing neon colors on the walls, ceiling, plastic goods, shirts and much more.  All of these will not only glow in the UV light but we can also make many of these Glow in the Dark.  Add to that, LED dance floors, LED hand outs, special effect lighting, UV bubbles, UV snow, fog, lasers, ultra violet confetti storms and balloons and that’s just the theme without even adding any activities. As you can see, we aim to present your guests with an unforgettable event that will really blow them  away! Anything you can think of, we can do!

Exclusive state of the art electronics and  special effects. For example: 15 snow machines, 15 bubble machines, 3 fog machines,  Confetti Cannons, Balloon Drops, thousands of feet of music responsive LED’s, multiple LED music and touch responsive dance floors, Strobes, Multi Color Lasers, Discos, 9000 sq feet of UV Black lights and much more!

Exclusive Entertainment like: Human Bumper Balls, Photo Booth with unlimited pictures & video, Boogie Bodies Units with custom DVD’s for each guest, UV responsive airbrushed tattoos that will only be visible at the event,  Velcro Dodge Ball for up to 300 people to all play at the same time, Giant Silly String battles that hundreds of people can participate in at the exact same time, Air-soft Battles with Fully Automatic Machine Guns, Pump Action Shot Guns, and Hand Guns with Laser Scopes, Paintball and much more!

Not to mention unique amenities like: Private lounge on a completely separate floor for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah star to relax and prepare, get dressed or meet with family. Private full bathroom with shower to get ready.  7 foot high platform for DJ and an amazing area for our star and up to 3 guests to be presented and introduced from.  2 huge levels with 3 separate party areas to utilize and create the ultimate experience. Huge 2000 sq foot private outdoor entertainment area and so much more!

Every Bar/Bat Mitzvah that we organize and structure is completely custom. We invite you to check out some of our “Teen Packages” for ideas.

Give us a call to schedule a private tour to see and try out your favorite events and them meet and discuss your celebration with one of our party planners.