Games & Challenges

Velcro Dodge Ball

How better to play dodge ball with over 200 balls, perfect for all ages (2-14!) letting little ones hit each other with the cotton filled Velcro balls with very little impact, while still providing an engaging experience that’s appropriate for the older crowd, allowing them to grab and throw multiple […]

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Inflatable Hockey

How better to play a fullblown game of hockey with anything other than our very own giant inflatable mallets and hammers, great for ages 2-8 allowing children to pay an exciting and engaging game of hockey, while not having to worry about possiblity of little ones hitting a friend with […]

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Silly War

Silly String and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. (all ages 3 years old and up, 2.5 hour party packages & longer only). can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Best Kids Parties – Silly War – Kids Rule Parties ( can’t be loaded because JavaScript […]

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Whipped (8 years old and up)

Whipped – bowls of whip cream with hidden cherries are the challenge here. Everyone must grab a partner and they will work as a team to find the cherries wit only their face. One partner will count the cherries and direct the other partner who is using their face to […]

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