Escape Room NJ

A Live Escape Game is an interactive adventure experience. You and your team of between 2 and 18 people will be locked in a themed room. You’ll be surrounded in puzzles, clues, locks, codes & challenges that you will solve by working together as a team…

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Human Bumper Ball

Human Bumper Ball is the most fun anyone can have while being strapped inside a giant inflatable ball. Prepare to bump, roll, bounce and laugh harder than you have ever done before. Kinda brings a whole new angle to “Adult Entertainment!”

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Airsoft / Paintball

Airsoft is a sport in which participants blast away at opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica weapons called airsoft guns: Machine Guns, Hand Guns and Shotguns.

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Virtual Reality Arcade

We have a large selection of room-scale virtual reality experiences for everyone! Whether you enjoy peaceful flights through a scenic city, sports, virtual worlds, zombie apocalypse and even Outer Space…

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Hatchet House NJ

Axehole’s Hatchet House NJ is the only axe throwing club in the world that offers Escape Rooms, Human Bumper Balls, Rage Rooms, Virtual Reality, Airsoft, Paintball & Minutes 2 Win It & on-site dining & meeting room all in the same location…

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Rage Room

Rage Room is exactly like, yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy…….well, not exactly. You enter into a specially designed room, we provide you with your PPE (personal protective equipment), select your weapon of destruction, blast your favorite music and…

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